Fair & Square Imports

Fair & Square Imports carries global, fair trade, handmade goods from around 30 different countries online at www.FairAndSquareImports.com and at its storefront in downtown McKinney, Texas. Purchasing fair trade helps disadvantaged individuals help themselves and their families out of poverty.

There were only 3 left and we were able to snag them! These chic fabric mirrors can be hung either as a square or diamond, and they’re only $25 each!

Some old favorites are back, including the gluten-free cornbread mix!

We just got in the most ADORABLE mini bolga baskets!

Just got in OODLES of tatami reed purses in gorgeous fall colors — plus a new style that’s a bit bigger than the wave purse!

More beautiful bolga baskets have arrived in dozens of pretty designs and colors!


Tons more Lily & Laura bracelets just arrived today — here’s a pic of three of my absolute favorite!


We can’t believe it’s almost September! New scarves have arrived and more are on their way in preparation for cool autumn strolls.

We now have fair trade scented candles! The shop smells SOOO good right now! My favorite scent so far is “Inspire.”

Good Paper not only has fairly made cards, but they’re also some of the cutest & funniest cards you’ll ever find!

Each one is lovingly handmade and hand-signed by women survivors of sex trafficking in the Philippines and young people who have been orphaned by genocide or disease in Rwanda.

See all the new cards we just got in here: http://fairandsquareimports.com/blog/new-ninja-t-rex-cards

The soft, gentle chime of these capiz shells makes you feel like you’re relaxing by the seashore!