Fair & Square Imports

Fair & Square Imports carries global, fair trade, handmade goods from around 30 different countries online at www.FairAndSquareImports.com and at its storefront in downtown McKinney, Texas. Purchasing fair trade helps disadvantaged individuals help themselves and their families out of poverty.

Happy Fair Trade Month! We’ve updated our map to include dots for each of the countries we carry from—over 40 in all!

We just got a huge Lily & Laura shipment in and here are my 3 favorites in honor of McKinney’s Oktoberfest this weekend!


New wool hats, gloves & earwarmers!

New Jogi slings from Nepal, just $16.75 each!

We just got a HUGE shipment in from fair trade artisans in Nepal, which means lots of favorites are back including these exquisite pashmina shawls! Many more pictures to come…

If you weren’t excited about fall already, then this new navy bling ought to do it!

JUST IN - these multi-purpose 35” sq. wraps are handcrafted from upcycled Indian saris. Only $6.50 each!

Fair Trade Resin Gemstone Chain Bracelet - handmade in India - Prong-set resin gemstones in secretive, mossy tones give this elegant bracelet a vintage feel.


JUST IN - New double helix necklace colors, all of which are now available online!


There were only 3 left and we were able to snag them! These chic fabric mirrors can be hung either as a square or diamond, and they’re only $25 each!