Fair & Square Imports

Fair & Square Imports carries global, fair trade, handmade goods from around 30 different countries online at www.FairAndSquareImports.com and at its storefront in downtown McKinney, Texas. Purchasing fair trade helps disadvantaged individuals help themselves and their families out of poverty.

It’s Bolga Basket shaping time! Now available in two new sizes, in between the small and the regular!

Regular size available to purchase online here: http://fairandsquareimports.com/home…/laundry-basket-ghana

We now have all our knit animal hats and children’s clothing online. They’re available sizes 6 month - 4T so that all the kiddos can match!


NEW Fair Trade Caña Flecha Bracelets from Colombia

The indigenous Zenú tribe has produced master weavers since pre-historic times. These caña flecha bracelets are handmade by the Zenu people on the Reservation of San Andres de Sotavento, in the Colombian Caribbean. 

In Colombia, the straw of the caña flecha plant, indigenous to South America, is used to make accessories including the sombrero vueltiao, a traditional hat from Colombia and one of its symbols. 

Click here to choose from several pre-selected sets of these handmade, fair trade, bright cana flecha cuffs, which feature contemporary, graphic designs in fun geometric and tribal patterns. One size fits most.

I’m loving all the new scarves we’ve been getting in… I think this navy & yellow one might be my favorite!

JUST IN—Beautifully beaded animal figurines and earrings!

Fair trade mediterranean quinoa recipe available on our blog… nom nom!


Happy Fair Trade Month! We’ve updated our map to include dots for each of the countries we carry from—over 40 in all!

We just got a huge Lily & Laura shipment in and here are my 3 favorites in honor of McKinney’s Oktoberfest this weekend!


New wool hats, gloves & earwarmers!

New Jogi slings from Nepal, just $16.75 each!